Scampy56 Updates!

The header is awesome isn’t it and well done to Scampy56 for levelling up to level 46! Well done! LO\LZLLZLKSDAASDSDASDSADSDA


Weevil Weekly Round-Up #218!

Hello Binweevils!

Here is a post from the Binweevils What’s New Blog.

Hey, weevily pals! Hope you all had a Bin-tastic Christmas with your friends and family!

It’s sure been a mad week, but the Bin’s best reporter (that’s me, Scribbles!) managed to squeeze in a quick interview with Gong about the big opening of GymPet. Read on to find out what Gong had to say, then collect two FREE nest items as an extra gift from me to you!

Hey Gong! It must have been a busy holiday for you, with the grand opening of GymPet happening just before Christmas!

That’s right, Scribbles. But I just love the buzz of the holidays. I have even more energy than usual, which is a whole LOT!

Your super-fit Bin Pet helped you design some of the activities inside GymPet. How do you keep your pet so fit?

Well, I make sure to train him every day – playing fetch and dancing in the Aerobics room are his favourite workouts. I also make sure to feed him regularly so he gets all the vitamins he needs to stay strong!  And I give him lots of praise and encouragement. A happy Bin Pet will train much better!

Great tips, Gong! So, when you do your own fitness training, do you take your pet with you?

Yup, I sure do!  Bin Pets are copycats – they like to do everything you do. Try jumping up and down while your pet’s in front of you. Your pet will mimic your move!  When you stretch up on your toes and do a ‘stand up’ move, your pet will repeat that, too. This mimic training helps your pet unlock new types of movements!

Wow! I’ll have to try that with my pet, Doodle! So, what’s in the future for GymPet in 2014?

First up, I’m going to get some more music tracks for the Aerobics studio. I’ve had a lot of requests for different kinds of music from pets and owners, so I’ll try to get some wicked new tunes in there soon.

Sounds awesome! Thanks for the interview, Gong!

No problem. I’ll be seeing you and Doodle at GymPet!

Want a Bin-tastic winter poster for your nest? It’s just the thing to chase away the post-Christmas blues, and it’s FREE to collect for all my readers!

Pick up your poster at Lab’s Lab now by entering the code SCRIBSNOWY in the Mystery Code Machine.

Read on for a bonus puzzle to solve. If you can crack it, you’ll earn a code to claim a SECOND free item!

Eco-friendly tip: If you print out your puzzle, re-use an A4 sheet that already has something on one side. Using both sides of the paper when you can helps to save trees! You can also re-use the other side for drawing or painting!

Next week, I’ll be back with your regular Weevil Weekly Round-Up including comments from YOU, the Fan Cam and an extra-special reveal about what’s coming up in the New Year!

Enjoy the holidays!

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A post by XPWINNER6656

Welcome your new Editor diavlogold59!!

Merry Christmas Weevils!

Today I got added here as an editor. So now I am doing my welcome post!!

My name is diavlogold59 and I love blogging! I have been blogging a few months now. And I really like it. I have met famous people such as Judisue, Chip, Scribbles and many other  weevils! I love playing virtual worlds besides BinWeevils!

I am great at school writing poems and stories so I can make a story when I want to! Here is an example of one of my stories.

Tink was scared. Clott was terrified. Hands shaking. Hearts pounding. Will they ever escape Flem Manor? And will they ever see Monty or Scribbles again??

The quest was on. Doors locked. Books fell.

” I never knew there was loads of ghosts or residents at Flem Manor.” Tink said looking confused. But Clott didn’t answer.

“Look at the files Gam have to us.” Clott said.

” It says what we already know.” Tink replied. Clott snached the files way from Tink.

“Yes you are right Tink.” Clott said.

The quest looking for Monty and Scribbles got even harder.

By diavlogold59


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Santa is coming… NORAD tracks him…

Hello Bin Weevils,

In your weevily nests, resisting the chance to eat those milk and cookies? Well, I have the perfect distraction for you! NORAD, (the North American Aerospace Defense Command) has been tracking Santa’s location over the years. Oh, it looks like he’s setting off!

Where is he now? Still at the North Pole? Australia? India? Uk?

Where is he now? Still at the North Pole? Australia? India? Uk? Click to view website

(You could also visit Google’s Santa Tracker if you wish)

Have a ‘Merry Christmas’ to all in the Binscape, and I’ll be reporting the top news, on Boxing Day. (Also St Stephen’s Day)

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Oh, I forgot! Have you been ‘Nice’, or ‘Naughty’ this year? Find out here! Is this a true relfection of you in the past year? Comment below with what the big man himself says…

Test Your Knowledge On The Skylanders Universe!

Hello Bin Weevils!

How well do you think you know of the world of Skylanders? You can find out with the all new Skylanders A-Z of Skylanders Book now! Weevil on over to Flem Manor library now and test your weevily knowledge with a range of ultimate questions in the Skylanders Quiz. You can also take a sneaky peek inside the fabulous book with our exclusive extract and win your very own copy in our amazing Skylanders competition!


As I entered into Flem Manor library, I noticed the room had been re-vamped just for theSkylanders, Bin-tastic! There are also a few characters from Skylanders to welcome you to the Skylanders arena! There’s quite a lot to do and it’s all waiting for you inside Flem Manor library, get over there now and join in the fun!

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Jjs63’s Christmas Party!

Hello Bin Weevils,

As you may know 4 more days until christmas, I would like to say I shall be making a party if you may like to come please look at the image below.

                                     Jjs63’s Party 22/12/13

Jjs63 isn’t in a very jolly mood this year, loads of things have happened. Like getting bullied at school, my pets died and so much more stuff. I don’t want to go more further because you may know the hacker (who might of hacked your blogs). Any ways, lets get on with my post. Please make sure you come!

Sorry if this is a short post I am very tired because my little sister is keeping me awake crying with her teething!

ImageAll rights reserved.

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Join In The Festive Fun With Cupets!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Here is a post from the Bin Weevils Whats’ New Blog.

They’re cubes, they’re pets, they’re Cupets!

Head to Gong’s Pipenest and enter the Cupets entrance for some fantastic Cupets fun!

Vote for your favourite character, learn all about their crazy personalities, enter the awesome Cupets competition and grab a free nest item whilst you’re at it!

Head there now and be sure to let us know what you think by commenting below! 

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NEW! Bin Pet Aerobics Holiday Tracks!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Here’s what’s new from the Bin Weevils Whats’ New Blog.

Christmas! Check ‘em out now for a limited time and challenge your buddies’ pets for high scores!

What kind of songs would your Bin Pet like to dance to in the New Year? Let us know what music your pet likes in the comments below!


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A ‘Xp’s Bin Weevil World’ post by XPWINNER6656





Weevily Crazy Up And Running Again!

Hey Weevils!

You can already see where this post is going from the title.

Well, I am pleased to tell you, that BinLeaks has been shut down by Weebly. Although we don’t know if they really are going to strike again, we are open. It may take time to restore Weevily Crazy although it will be done by tomorrow.

Thanks Again,


XPWINNER6656 get’s he’s Christmas look and Christmas Hat!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Today, I got awarded my 50 Dosh voucher that I stamped from my Bin Card! After I bought my Elf Hat, I also changed my look at the Bin Weevils Changer at Dosh’s Palace!    


This is my Christmas Look and my Elf Hat that I bought from Hems Hats!

Did you know…? You can change your little pal’s look at the Bin Pet’s Changet at the Bin Pet’s Paradise! How exciting…! 

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BinLeaks has closed down and stay safe!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Recently, a group of professional hackers have striked again and have done some serious damage this time. The group, which includes many hackers including Adrian and Pure, is called BinLeaks, where they give out players’ account details away, IP addresses, Bin Weevil Team members’ personal details and hacking Bin Weevils fan sites. Unfortunately, many blogs were hit very badly, including Weekly Weevil Blog (owned by Chip8967), which was deleted. This also included hacking Weevily World, Bin Weevils Encyclopedia, Weevil Telegraph and many more. Despite the fact hopes were low to stop these cruel people, WordPress, Weebly and Bin Weevils were contacted, and even the police were to be contacted if this continued any further. With all our hard work to stop them, their website has been removed, but their YouTube channel still remains. Many of us were lucky enough not to have our weevils hacked when they published their fake login page. I can reveal that one of the hackers were Karen Steel, as said on one of their videos. Also, the group claim they “hate” Bin Weevils and want to destroy everything, which didn’t really affect us much. If you have any additional evidence about their personal details and anything else you have got to add to it, please comment below so that I can report this to the police. Thank you for you support.


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XPWINNER6656 have levelled up to level 41!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Guess what weevily friends, I have just levelled up to level 41! I have been buying the new Bin Weevils Lab’s XP Potions that have just arrived at the Bin Weevils Christmas Shop in the Shopping Mall!


This is me levelling in my nest! I am so proud of myself reaching level 41!

And also, if you reach to another level, you get a free level trophy that you can put in your nest room! I wonder what I got…?


This is my levelling trophy that I putted in my Sweets Room! As you can see on the other picture attached to my trophy picture, I need to get lots of XP to get to level 42! Them XP Potions really helped me to level up!

ImageTo purchase stronger XP Potions and other exclusive nest items, you’ll need to be a Bin Tycoon Member. To learn more about all the cool stuff you can do with a Bin Tycoon Membership, or to become a Bin Tycoon today, visit the Membership Page!


This will open in a new tab!


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Welcoming ali3494!

Hey Xp’s Bin Weevil World. fans! I’m Ali I work on Blogs such as Weevily Edits 4u and soon i might be joining Binweevils Encyclopedia. When i was looking through my emails i was shocked to find out i had an invitation to this Bin-tastic website! I’m glad i’m going to be working with XpWinner and ill be posting time to time!


This is my profile!

On binweevils I am a Bin tcoon and i have a Binpet called Binny. I am budds with most bloggers like Eddzy, Marvellous-Mark, Chip, Buzzy and lots more! If you would like to meet me in the Bin Comment what Time, Place and Bin we should meet. If your lucky i may add you!

Thats all for now but don’t worry because I will post yet again on Xp’s Bin Weevil World!

– ali3494

Famous Bin Weevils

Hello Bin Weevils,

I have spotted some rare Bin Weevils today that have been walking around today. Now, I am mostly really good at finding rare Bin Weevils. I have putted the rare Bin Weevils on my ignore list on Bin Weevils and also, the rare Bin Weevils have also came to my Nest! Here are some profile pictures of them!


Here is -Spike The Dude!

Next, I have GLAMM on my ignore list!


Here is GLAMM!

Next, I have Monkey Bugs on my ignore list!


Here is MonkeyBugs!

Next, I have Racing Dude on my list!


Here is Racing Dude!

And lasty, I have Yo Geez 1 on my ignore list!


Here is Yo Geez 1!

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I am going to quit blogging due to hacking problems

I have decided that I am going to quit blogging due my Bin Weevil getting hacked and my blog. The new owner of my site is going to be Tum103, Eddzy and Fidney. I won’t be blogging anymore because Bin Leeks are hacking people’s blogs and I can’t have anymore of this. Authors are not posting on my blog so what is the actual point of me owning a blog. My blog will be closed until further notice. I will not post on other blog’s anymore because they have been hacked. 



Please help us save Xp’s Bin Weevil World because I have putted allot of effort onto my blog. A group of hackers called Bin Leeks have deleted Weekly Weevil Blog and they are trying to #hack my site too! I have putted allot of work onto my blog even though it’s private, it’s still improving. Please help save XP’S BINWEEVIL WORLD!



Here is a post from the Bin Weevils What’s New Blog.

Can’t wait till Christmas? One treat is coming early – that’s right, the brand new Bin Weevils Mag will be in stores just in time for the holidays! It’s the perfect distraction for those last few days of impatient waiting…plus, it’s totally Bin-tastic!

This issue is packed with free prizes, including an awesome Christmas Tree Hut for your Bin Pet designed by pipi1234! Weevily wow!

The new issue of Bin Weevils Magazine will be available December 18th at all good supermarkets and newsagents (UK only).

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Weevil Weekly Round-Up #216

Hello Bin Weevils,

Here is a post from the Bin Weevils Whats’ New Blog.

What a fantastic Friday! Christmas is almost here and everyone’s in a festive mood.  And now it’s time for me, Scribbles, to bring you your Weevil Weekly Round-Up post! Every week, I’ll be blogging the top stories from the Binscape with my helpers – that’s right, YOU, my team of rockin’ reporters!

If your comment gets featured in the Weevil Weekly Round-UpI’ll send you a shiny gold Scribbles Trophy for your nest. You can leave your comments on the What’s New Blog posts all week long to let me know what you’re thinking!

Last week, I asked for your help to prepare for my big interview with the SWS chief, Gam!  I asked him some massive questions about the Bin’s history, the Great Bin War, and the strange relics on Mulch Island. Here’s what he had to say!

Gam, what was the first mission you ever had to do?

Once, when I was still very small, I delivered a note to an important commander. Turns out it was just letting him know that his favourite beans on toast were in the mess tent! Later, when I became a soldier, I took on many MUCH more dangerous missions. But I never forgot those beans, and how proud I was do my duty and serve others.


How did spiders play a part in the Great Bin War?

Spiders were the cause of the Great Bin War! They started it, and the trouble began when they invaded our peaceful lands from beyond the mountains.  Just think, everything you see could be covered in spiderwebs if we hadn’t stopped them.

Did you see many strange relics and ancient stones during the Great Bin War?

Yes, I certainly did. We had a secret base in the jungle, at the ancient site where the Bin Pet Temple stands. We saw many strange things in the temple.  It’s a very odd building, and the ancients who built it had a magic about them that hasn’t fully left the place.Gam, have you ever been outside the Binscape?

It’s been a very long time since a Bin Weevil left these lands. There were some who left during the Great Bin War, but where they went to remains a mystery.

Is Octeelia the only spider that is a WEB member, or are there more?

After the Great Bin War, when the spiders were defeated, we didn’t see one again in the Binscape until Octeelia and the WEB arrived.  We have no idea how many are still out there now… it’s perhaps best not to think about it, and leave those matters to the SWS.  But I’ll tell you this – we need all the agents we can get. Nothing is certain.

Thanks, Gam! And a big thank you to all my reporters for helping me with these questions!

You can read more about Gam’s time in the Great Bin War inside Bin Weevils Mag Issue #21, out now, and Issue #22, coming soon!

Hem’s Hats has gone holiday-mad, and there are lots of colours and styles of Elf Hats available! Pick your favourite design and wear any Elf Hat for a chance to win an exclusive prize.  (You’ll never guess which one is my favourite…oh, all right, you got me. It’s the green one!)

I like to take a stroll around the Binscape to greet with my fans, and I always snap a picture or two while I’m out!

If you see me, say hello and your photo could be featured next week. I’ve got a special profile pic when you click on me, so you’ll know it’s really me.

Bin Pets Paradise is packed with pets looking to get their style on! These readers wrote to me about their pet’s fashion sense, and I’ve got to say, they all sound super-stylish!

My Bin Pet, Lisa, likes exploring, dressing up, having her picture taken and opening pressies. She’s like a fashion model! She won’t stop bugging me about opening presents!

My Bin Pet is now very fit and has a new style from the amazing Bin Pet Changer – he looks fabulous! He now has his own personal profile, which is epic. What more could my pet want!? He surely is lucky to have me as his owner.


My Bin Pet, Binbin, really loves the pink bow, purple tutu and lipstick. I hope there will be more great stuff because the Bin Pets Paradise is so great! It has really spoiled my Bin Pet.

My Bin Pet, Sugar, loves the accessories. Her favourite accessory is the purple microphone because she loves to listen and sing to Bin Pet tunes! My Bin Pet and I would like to see a music stage background so she could be a REAL rock star!

I bought the tulip which I put by Lilly’s arms to make it look like she has done gardening! Lilly loves the gym and I love the Bin Pet changer. I have made a great new look for Lilly that I didn’t think of when I adopted her!

What’s your favourite thing about Christmas in the Binscape? Did you get your Bin Pet a present? How are you decorating your nest for the holidays?

Tell me about your weevily holiday plans in the comments and I’ll print some next week!

Keep commenting on the What’s New Blog for your next chance to get your comments featured!

Merrily yours,



Top Christmas Nest Item Has Arrived!

It’s the must-have item of the season, and it’s finally arrived! Get yours now at the Christmas Shop and finish off your nest with a spot for a snowy snooze!

DID YOU KNOW? Readers of Bin Weevils Magazine got a sneak peek at the Snowy Forest Bed inside Issue #21, and even got a look at some of the first sketches for this year’s Christmas items! For the ultimate Bin secrets, never miss an issue!

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A post by Scribbles5704. Please click here to visit Bin Weevils Cheats. 

The Snowy Forest Bed and other new Christmas Items have arrived at the Christmas Shop!

Hello Bin Weevils,

Weevily-Wow! The New Snowy Forest Bed Christmas Item has arrived at the Christmas Shop! If you have looked in issue #21 of Bin Weevils Magazine, there were some sneek peeks of Bing’s New Christmas items including the Snowy Forest Bed! 

As said, you might of seen this item in Bin Weevils Magazine issue #21. This Christmas item was not available last year!

The Snowy Forest Bed item is very expensive and it costs 100 Dosh! If you do not have enough Dosh, you can buy more stuff from the Bin Weevils Membership page! 


As you can see in this picture, this item costs 100 Dosh and it gives you 1515 XP!


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A Xp’s Bin Weevil World post made by XPWINNER6656

I’m taking a break off blogging for a few days…

Hello Bin Weevils!

I have been having loads of fun recently on Bin Weevils and WordPress, however there is a problem. Due to the fact that I am going to Germany for a school trip from tonight until Sunday, I will not be active on Bin Weevils nor WordPress. All comments/e-mails that I receive will not be read until Sunday morning, when I come back. Otherwise, have a weevily few days on Bin Weevils!

Keep Weeviling!

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Pop Quiz: Bin Weevils Mag #21!

Hello Bin Weevils,

Here is a post from the Bin Weevils Whats’ New Blog.

Can you solve the quiz?

Bin Weevils Magazine is available now in all good newsagents and supermarkets (UK only).  It’s your last chance to get a copy of Issue #21, so grab it now before the next Bin-tastic issue hits stores next week!

If you have solved the code, you get a free Bin  Weevils Magazine issue # 21 poster! Just weevil onto the Mystery Code Machine outside Labs Lab and enter this code:


This answer was credited to Hf556.

The Bin Weevils Bin Pet Poster will be perfect for a Bin Pet Room!


It looks soooooooooo cute doesn’t it? My Bin Pet will love it it!

Top Tip: Make sure you collect the Bin Pet V.I.P Gift set inside the Bin Pet Shop! That would make a blingin’ Bin Pet Room! Bin-tastic! 

If you want to make a Bin Pet Room inside your nest or get some inspiration, make sure you visit Kieran6955’s nest tips on Xp’s Bin Weevil World!

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A Xp’s Bin Weevil World post made by XPWINNER6656.

Kieran6955’s Christmas Party!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Kieran6955 here with a new party coming your way soon!

Date: Friday 20th December 2013

Time: 17:00 until 18:30

Bin: Dirt

Place: Weevil Post then kieran6955′s nest

VIPs: Chip8967, kieran6955 and more.

If you want to be a VIP comment on this post and I will add you, there is a maximum of 10 VIPs .

Adding Weevils

I do not have many spaces on my buddy list so please do not hesitate if I do not add you.


Bin Weevil Elf Hats on sale now at Hems Hats!

Hello Bin Weevils!

The New Elf Hats are on sale at Hems Hats at Dosh’s Palace! This year, I think Bin Weevils Christmas is going to be big for the Bin because Bin Weevils Blogger Eddzy spotted some moderators earlier on! Anyway, lets get back to the first subject!

Tomorrow, there will be some festive magic in the air because if you’ve got a elf hat, make sure you put it on to win some amazing prizes that are not available anywhere else!

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Hayat3581 Joins

Hello There………

Thanks to my buddy XPWINNER6656 for inviting me to his blog 🙂

Here is some facts about me :

Hello There…….

Thanks to my Friend (XPWINNER6656) for inviting me to his blog.

Here are some facts about me

Binweevil`s name: hayat3581

Level:62 Nearley 63

Favorite place: Flums Fountain


I am going to quit blogging

Hello readers,

Right now, I am having some serious thoughts on blogging and that means I am going to quit blogging permanently. Jjs is keep swearing at me and saying rude words and someone has done a ‘Hate XPWINNER page chat box on Facebook. I am not very happy about this. Authors are not really posting on my blog and I am so fed up! My views are going down because authors are posting spam and also rubbish posts. From now on, the new owner is going to be Tum103. 

Bloggers haven’t been nice to me lately. Chip and Jjs haven’t been nice to me. Jjs has been swearing at me allot so that’s the reason why I am quitting blogging.

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A Xp’s Bin Weevil Post made by XPWINNER6656





Hello Binweevils

I have been very busy in the Bin today and I thought I would just do a post on here about what I am doing! This week you might know that the Nest Inspector is here checking out nests but I am not submitting my Christmas Rooms to the Nest Inspector yet!

My Christmas Room 

And also, the new Bin Weevils Christmas Shop is at the Shopping Mall!  I am already buying wacky and weird items to get my Christmas rooms ready! I have also bought some Christmas items from BinMart and Nestco so I thought I would do a mix.


Some Christmas items were from the Christmas Shop last year too! If you have picked up Issue #21 of Bin Weevils Magazine, it has some sneak peek items! Get yours today!

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A post by Scribbles5704. Please click here to visit Bin Weevils Cheats. 



Introducing Kieran6955

Hello Bin Weevils!

I am kieran6955! A new co-owner for Xp’s Bin Weevils World! I will be posting, making pages and have a little bit of original posts! I can’t guarantee that I  will post every day but at least twice a week.

You may know me from popular blogs like Weekly Weevil Blog or Weevily World. UPDATE: I quit Weevily World because the fights between hf556 and judisue had gone too far.

18th nov.

This is my profile!

I also own a blog called Bin weevils Broadcasters which has had more than 13,000 views!  Please visit Bin Weevils Broadcasters by clicking the link:

Thank you for reading a post by kieran6955.

8th December 2013: New code for Bin Pet wallpaper added!

Hello Bin Weevils,

If you can’t work out today’s Weekend Puzzle Challenge, we’ve solved it for you! Today, you get a free Bin Pet Wallpaper for your little one! Just weevil onto the Mystery Code Machine outside Labs Lab and enter this code:


My Bin Pet loves this wallpaper! You can buy it at Nestco or BinMart for a good price! If you want to sell the wallpaper, you get 550 Mulch back! Weevily-Wow!


Here is the Bin Pet wallpaper that I got!

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Hello Bin Weevils!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Walking With Dinosaurs: The 3D Movie has taken over Slam’s Party Box!

Meet Patchi, Alex, Juniper and the rest of the Walking With Dinosaurs gang and travel back in time with the brand new prehistoric area.


Walking with Dinosaurs!

Play dino games, enter our exclusive competition, earn loads of Mulch and much, much more!

Head there now and be sure to let us know what you think here on Xp’s Bin Weevil World!

Walking With Dinosaurs: The 3D Movie, stomping to a cinema near you December 20th!


We want your Nest Rooms!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Weevily-WOW! This month on Xp’s Bin Weevil World is about Nest Rooms! We want your nest rooms to put in a massive collage! I have been working very hard on my Nest Rooms and soon, I am going to send my nest rooms off to the Nest Inspector! I can’t wait!


We want your Nest Rooms!

You can either put your Nest Room in a link or email us with your Nest Rooms! Top Tip: If you are a Tycoon, make sure you pick up the V.I.P Bin Pet Gifts set inside the Bin Pets Shop located at the Bin Pet’s Paradise! 

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XPWINNER6656’S Christmas Room!

This might be my last post.

Hello Bin Weevils,

I have been working on my Christmas rooms lately from buying loads of stuff from Bing’s Christmas shop in the Shopping Mall. Soon, I am going to send my Christmas rooms off to the Nest Inspector. 


Why don’t you comment below and put your Christmas room in a link?

And also, I have been working on my second Christmas room to send off to the Nest Inspector which was first a Rock ‘N’ Roll room but then I changed it to a Christmas one. And have you noticed, if you haven’t got loads of Christmas decorations from last year, you can check out your advent Calendar in the central room of your nest. On your Bin Weevils Advent Calendar, you just click the number on what day it is then weevil over to Flums Fountain and say ‘Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays!’ To make your Christmas room look more blingn’, make sure you pick up the V.I.P Set of Bin Pet Toys *Tycoons Only* at the Bin Pet shop! You could change your Bin Pets colour to red or green to make your Bin Pet get in the Christmas spirit! If you looked in Issue #21 of Bin Weevils Magazine, there were some sneak peeks of Bing’s new Christmas items including a Candy Cane Throne, Bin Pet Christmas items and much more!


As you can see, I changed my Bin Pets colour! Change yours today!

And also, I have changed my Christmas look as well! You can change your look at the Bin Weevils Changer at Dosh’s Palace! It’s always nice to change your looks on different occasions like Halloween, Birthdays etc.


This is XPWINNER6656’S Christmas? Have you got a Christmas look? Comment below!

Will the ‘Winter Wonderland’ from last year come to Bin Weevils again? We will know this because Bin Weevils post something like this on the What’s New Blog. 

This was last year or 2 years before. The Winter Wonderland was open then. I missed this because I wasn’t a Tycoon and I didn’t know what Bin Weevils was.

And coming soon, it’s my Christmas magazine that is coming soon to Weevil Post on Bin Weevils! It’s is going to be packed with Christmas info, some merry Bin photos and much more!


This is my magazine that is coming soon! Look’s exciting doesn’t it?

And also, I have some very exciting news to tell you! Chip8967 who owns Weekly Weevil Blog put me in he’s magazine as a Bin Buddy Shout-Out! I was so surprised when I saw this!


It looks awesome doesn’t it? Chip chose 5 bloggers in ‘Bin Buddy’s Shout-Outs in he’s magazine and I was one of them!

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Do you think I should have a new blog theme?

Hello Bin Weevils,

As I found out, the Chunk Theme is boring now and I have been thinking that should I have a new theme so I asked you guys for your thoughts! 

Xp’s Bin Weevil World is going to re-open in January 1st 2014 and right now, it is having some massive updates! We are having a new header, pages and a new theme! I really want a new theme but I haven’tr seen some lately. 


Hello Bin Weevils,

Here is the post taken from the What’s New Blog.


Is your Bin Pet as crazy about accessorizing as my silly Doodle? Head over to PetStyle inside Bin Pets Paradise to check out the Studio, where you can dress up your Bin Pet with accessories, expressions, clothes and cool stuff!

You can even add one of your silly snaps as a profile picture for your pet, so everyone who clicks on your pet can see it. There are just so many looks to choose from!

What accessories does your Bin Pet like best? What new items or backgrounds would your pet love to see in the PetStyle Studio?

Let me know in the comments below!



Series 3 of my Little Pony, Friendship is magic at Riggs Move Multiplex!

Hello Bin Weevils,

My Little Pony Friendship Friendship Is Magic have sadly came to an end but now there is a series 3 at Riggs Movie Multiplex! 


Here is XPWINNER6656 outside Rigg’s Movie Multiplex!

If you go into Rigg’s Movie Multiplex, there is a door that leads into my Little Pony. Bin Weevils have updated this feature because it is now a jungle style that I am aware of. 


As you can see, I think series 3 of ‘my Little Pony‘ is going to be a jungle episode!

As you go into the ‘My Little Pony’ Pop-Up party, you can watch a ‘Free Episode’ of the brand new series right now and keep an eye for all of the New ‘My Little Pony episodes premiering every Friday


This is the new series 3 of ‘My Little Pony’ video!

You can find out more about your favourite ‘My Little Pony Character’ by getting the ‘Brand New Video Bios’, pick up ‘exclusive three nest items’ by clicking the Nest Item star in the picture above!


Here is XPWINNER6656 with he’s ‘My Little Pony Nest Item!’

If you visit the Shopping Mall, (inside) there is a ‘My Little Pony’ figure in there. If you click the figure, it will earn you 50 Mulch and also, it will take you to the original place of ‘My Little Pony’.


This is the figure, just click it to earn 50 Mulch!


Get Ready For All New My Little Pony!

Hey Weevils!

Here’s what’s new from the Bin Weevils What’s New blog today All rights reserved

Series 3 of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic has arrived at Bin Weevils!

Head to Rigg’s Multiplex and be transported to the wonderful world of Ponyville, the main town of Equestria!

Watch the first episode of the brand new series right now and keep an eye out for all new episodes premiering every Friday.

Find out about your favourite My Little Pony characters with the brand new video character bios, pick up exclusive series 3 nest items and so much more!

Gallop over there now and let us know what you think of the fantastic new My Little Pony area by leaving us a comment here on the What’s New Blog.

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Weevil Weekly Round-Up #215

Hey Bin Weevils!

Here’s what’s new from the Bin Weevils What’s New blog today All rights reserved


Bin-tastic, it’s Friday! That means it’s time for me, Scribbles, to bring you your Weevil Weekly Round-Up post! Every week, I’ll be blogging the top stories from the Binscape with a little help from YOU, my ace reporting team!

If your comment gets featured in the Weevil Weekly Round-UpI’ll send you a shiny gold Scribbles Trophy for your nest. You can leave your comments on the What’s New Blog posts all week long to let me know what you’re thinking!

Have you got the holiday spirit? Have you decked every nest room in tinsel, baubles and ribbon? I can hardly find a spot for another sprig of holly, but a sneak peek at the new items coming soon has given my Christmas cheer a super boost.

Starting next week, Bing’s Christmas Shop will have an all-newWhimsical Christmas Tree, a Candy Cane Throne and more. I know what’s on my wish list!

At last, the day all the Bin Pets were waiting for has arrived! No, it’s not Christmas yet…it’s the grand opening of Bin Pets Paradise! The all-new area opened its doors this week and it is PACKED with excited pets. Have you popped by with your pet to see all the fun stuff you can do?

I’ve heard word from Dott that there are more Bin Pet gamescoming soon, and I’ve just got to get the scoop! I know I can count on my Bin Pet, Doodle, to track down the secret info… so stay tuned next week for more news.  I think every Bin Pet is going to have the best Christmas ever!

Speaking of Doodle, he’s gone absolutely mad for all the accessories in the PetStyle Studio! The Rock ‘n’ Roll wig is his favourite – he keeps asking me to take more photos of him wearing it. He also loves the electric guitar.

Did you know that you can buy a real Bin Pet Guitar decoration for your nest in the Bin Pet shop?  Yup, I got him that too. I just can’t help spoiling him – but he’s such a good Bin Pet, he definitely deserves it. He learned a new juggling trick this week and I’m extremely proud!

I love to wander around the Binscape saying hello to my fans, and I always get a few pics to remember the occasion. Check out all the cool pets & Bin Weevils I met at Bin Pets Paradise!

If you see me, stop for a snap and your photo could be featured here! I’ve got a special profile pic when you click on me, so you’ll know it’s really me.

I asked you all to help me prepare for my big interview with Gam, and you had some great ideas for questions! Here’s what some of my weevily reporters wanted to know. I hope I’ll have the answers for you next week!

I would ask Gam: What was the first mission you ever had to do, and how did you do it?

I know that spiders were seen during the Great Bin War, but I really want to know how they played a part in it.


Do you remember going past any strange relics and ancient stones during the Great Bin War?

I would ask Gam: Have you ever been out of the Binscape, and what happened?

Is Octeelia the only spider that is a WEB member, or are there more?

I can’t wait to pick Gam’s brain about the past again. If you want to know more about Bin history, don’t forget to check out my exclusive in Bin Weevils Mag #21. Inside, Gam reveals some of the secrets he discovered during the Great Bin War!

See you at Bin Pets Paradise, and keep commenting on theWhat’s New Blog for your next chance to get your comments featured!

Weevily yours,

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My blog might be shutting down forever…


If you are a viewer on my blog, please post or you will be removed. (Including Admins) No one can’t even be bothered to post on my blog! Just because my blog is private, doesn’t mean you can’t post anything! My blog will be shutting down next Monday. If you post, it might not be shutting down.

From know on, I am going to take a short break from blogging and when I come back, I want to see loads of posts on my blog.  Authors, Editors and Admins will be deleted if they do not post. 



Have a chance to be in a massive collage with XPWINNER6656!

Hello Bin Weevils,

XPWINNER6656 will be hosting a massive party and if you come, you will have a chance to be in a massive collage for Xp’s Bin Weevil World! Here are the dates to come!
Where is the party hosted: Flums Foutain.
What date: NOW
You will get to come in my nest and then have a massive party and get to be in a collage!
-XPWINNER6656! I hope you come!


Sorry for the Short Post

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Hello Binweevils

Your Might not of Known this but I have a new blog and I would like you to View it. We Mostly are around at weekend and most of us are to busy to post at weekdays. I have been very busy making the blog look good so please view it or maybe follow it. Thanks, The Best Bin Gossip. TiNy

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