When the Bin Weevils Halloween Party ends, what could be next for us Weevils?

I know that the Bin weevil Halloween party ends on the 4th November and that when the Ghost move ends but what could be next for the Bin? The other day, we saw Roots in the Bin checking out the Bin-Scape and maybe adding new stuff and also, I saw Gene_Simmons outside Flem Manor. I don’t know why. They could be adding New Stuff, like the other day, Nerf came to the Bin and all of the Nerf Darts were dotted around the Bin like Flem Manor, Figgs Cafe etc. My idea of all of this that there could be a New Bin and the What’s New Blog could be called Scribbles Blog. I think when the new Bin might come, it might be called Scribbles Blog, you never know!

Also, when Nerf came, it said it will be coming to Dirt Valley and Dirt Valley will be all transformed into Nerf. The New Bin Pet Hotel might be coming to the Bin soon and Tycoon Island shall go and the Bin Pet Hotel will be there and I think the Smoothie Shack will come to Mulch Island or something.

Also, if you get issue #20 of Bin Weevils magazine, it says there will be a new SWS Teleporter that will go in our garden and when we go in it, we will be transported straight to the SWS room in Castle Gam! Weird! But where will the Teleporter go? If we have a Big Garden it couldn’t be anywhere!


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A post made by XPWINNER6656. 

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