WARNING POST: Authors need to post, if they don’t post. They will be removed from my blog.

Hello readers,

I haven’t been happy lately, Samfay isn’t blogging, he has only done 1 post so far, Hf556 has done 2 posts, Sponggoo5000 hasn’t done any posts so far nor Beano150 or CheatsMascot. Authors and admins, if you’re reading this, please do a post. ( At least 7.)

If you don’t do a post, authors and admins will be removed.  Please do some more posts please. ( I have done 101 posts myself.)



Please like, share and Re-Blog this post.

All rights reserved.




  1. Sponggoo hasn’t been blogging lately due to a few problems he has had with his computer, but his parents don’t allow him much to go on their laptop. So, I suppose he will be back soon…

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