Happy Bonfire & Fireworks Night!

Hello readers,

Today is Bonfire & Firework night and we all wish you a happy time out there today! 5th of November is special because there was a man called Guy Fawkes, he had a gang of 6 and he was planning to blow up the Houses of Parliament in london. There was a house next to the parliament so he hid under the house cellar and he put a bomb called Gunpowder. He was planning to blow up the houses of parliament and King James 1st  because King James 1st done something to Guy Fawkes’s family.  The year 1603 marked the end of an era. After 45 years on the English throne, Elizabeth I was dying. All signs suggested her successor would be James VI of Scotland, the son of Mary Queen of Scots – the queen who had been executed in 1587 on Elizabeth’s orders. Luckily, the houses of Parliament didn’t blow up because the guards caught Guy Fawkes and arrested him and then put him in the Tower Of London. King James 1st survived and then he decided he was going to have a party of Fireworks and Bonfires. There is also a poem about it now.

Keep Weeviling!


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