Here is a Bin Weevils reply to one of my questions:

This has been credit to Weekly Weevil Blog. 

Hello Bin Weevils,

About 2 months ago, before the redesign of Mulch Island, and the Shopping Mall, I received and email from the Bin Weevils team. They replied to some of my redesign ideas, which I would like implemented into the virtual game. Here is what they said:

Hello there, thank you for taking the time to suggest some ideas to us!

Your redesign suggestions are very cool indeed. You should keep an eye on our What’s New Blog, because some places may be changing in the Bin soon and any upcoming content will be announced there!

While we cannot guarantee we’ll be able to include your ideas in the game, we’ll be sure to pass your awesome ideas over to our development team for their attention.

If you have any more questions or comments, please contact us again.

So, there it is, and I have something else to show you… the message they replied to!

Hello Bin Weevils Team,

For the first in a while, I’m going to do a suggestion. This is:

I’d like Flem Manor to be redesigned. For this, I’d like it to look
much more modern, as Flem Manor is an Old Bin place. Also, could you
update the Shopping Mall, also modern like, since these are the final
Old Bin places that have stayed the same. For this, just update the
outside of it.

Well, this is the New Bin, and the New Bin should have new places.
Thanks for reading. I’ll come up with some additions to them, and I’ll
email you again.

This must be true, because the Shopping Mall may have only be changed because of my suggestions. As you can see, I have written ‘just the outside’, which they recently implemented. My theory is correct, as I am concerned, and it probably will to you, too. If you have anything to say to them, then contact them here!

This has came to an end my post, but until next time, goodbye!

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