*BUMPER POST!* Lost Bin Weevils secrets and more…

Hey Bin Weevils!

Psst! Tum103 here reporting exclusively for XP’S Weevily Cheats Site with some very interesting Bin Weevils information! Continue to read this amazing post to find out more…

Part 1: Flum’s Fountain Lost Secrets…

Let’s kick-start the post with some very interesting and puzzling information that will get you thinking! Flum’s Fountain was opened on 13th May 2011, and replaced Ink’s Orange Peel after Tink and Clott “shrunk” the Old Bin’s most popular location. They didn’t really shrink it, but I think they removed it because the Bin needed a massive update after the launch of the New Bin earlier that year. Ink’s Orange Peel was previously a very popular Bin location, with games and many moderators found there! However, as I say once again, it was removed. I personally think that Flum’s Fountain is better, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion, as I always say!

Here is Ink's Orange Peel before being "shrunked", or in other words, removed as we would say.

Here is Flum's Fountain after the removal of Ink's Orange Peel!

However, I mainly wanted to tell you all guys about this very interesting piece of information! On the What’s New Blog, Bin Weevils announced about the opening of Flum’s Fountain. In part of the post, it says this:

“Talking of Tycoons, there’s also a separate Tycoon-only area with a rainbow just off of Flum’s Fountain that is still being kept top-secret by Rigg, Gam and even Scribbles himself!”

It has been a very long time since then, so could this be the new Bin Pet location? What do you think? Drop down your suggestions below in the comments section!

Part 2: A new Bin coming soon…?

Next, we are moving onto the next part of this post – more information about some recent rumours. As suggested by many bloggers, a new Bin may come next year, as it will become 4 years since the massive revamp! Also, a new Bin Pet hotel/resort will be coming very soon to the wacky world of Bin Weevils, so stay tuned guys for even more updates about that! Once again, comment below with your opinions and suggestions!

Part 3: Why have Bin Weevils not been replying to emails?

I have been emailing Bin Weevils a few months ago with some vital information and feedback, however they haven’t replied ever since! I think that they should send an automated email letting us know that they have received our email(s), like many other companies do as well. Maybe, they are very busy or my emails have been lost?

Thank you for reading, Bin Weevils! Have a weevily week ahead!

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      1. I will check later, because I don’t have much Internet. But when I get home I will. I hope it looks good!


        I haven’t been happy lately, Samfay isn’t blogging, he has only done 1 post so far, Hf556 has done 2 posts, Sponggoo5000 hasn’t done any posts so far nor Beano150 or CheatsMascot. Authors and admins, if you’re reading this, please do a post. ( At least 7.)

        If you don’t do a post, authors and admins will be removed. Please do some more posts please. ( I have done 101 posts myself.)

      3. Yes, I posted on Thursday and I am posting later today. I feel like no one appreciates my hard work trying to post when I am busy.

      4. Thanks. It’s just that so many people comment on posts that are like mine by Chip or other famous bloggers, but hardly anyone comments on mine. Except for you, phurple and Chip.

      5. Well, I was going to have loads of information and some pictures already. But, if you really need to then you can.

      6. If there are any spelling mistakes, I’ll do it on your post and I might edit it. You can add loads of pictures and information if you want, Tum. It’s fine, buddy.

      7. I am not going to be able to do the post today sadly, because I have been very busy doing other jobs. Sorry! But I promise I will post it by Wednesday or any other day before that.

      8. Ah, tomorrow it’s not my day for the laptop. But, I do have to do homework tomorrow, and if there is anything needed to be done on the laptop (there will be!), then I will secretly post it! LOLZ! 🙂

      9. Yeah, I actually got some presents quite early. I got this Lumix camera because I am going to a school trip to Germany for 5 days and I got this delivery from something I really liked! You?

      10. I know right! Cool, I wish you a Merry Christmas from very early! 😉 I am decorating my room into a complete Winter Wonderland!!

      11. Can you help me with a new magazine name for my magazine because I’m contacting Bin Weevils about my magazine name. Could you help me think of a new name for my mag?

      12. Well, my next post is another intrresting bumper post about Weevil Post and the Mulch Island secrets. Stay tuned tonight to view it exclusively to this blog and Weekly Weevil Blog!

      1. Yes, there was. If you want to find out, please email me, and I will reply tomorrow morning. Going to bed now, goodnight!

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