Breaking news: Weevil Weekly has now gone and has been taken over by Weevil Weekly Round-Up #211.

Hello readers,

I have just visited Weevil Post today to read some Weevil Weekly but now, it’s gone! Bin Weevils Team have taken down Weevil Weekly and now, there is a new thing called Weevil Weekly Round-up issue #211. Scribbles will now be blogging all the best stories in the Bin right here on the What’s New Blog, every Friday with the Weevil Weekly Round-Up post!

I think this sounds awesome because Scribbles actually is making Bin Weevils better!  Now, all of the Bin Weevil users on Bin Weevils are enjoying Bin Weevils and going on it more! 

This is the Weevil Weekly issue #211 round up image from the What’s New Blog.

And also,he’ll be adding some of your comments, opinions and ideas to he’s Friday posts, and better still, if your comment gets featured in the Weevil Weekly Round-Up he’ll send you a blingin’ Scribbles Trophy for your nest! Be sure to comment on the What’s New Blog posts all week long to let him know what you’re thinking!

Mulch island secrets?

Could there be any secrets about Mulch Island. There could be a new thing coming to Mulch Island or something… STAY TUNED! And also, I think this part of Mulch Island secrets will be in Bin Weevils Magazine, issue #21 coming in stores next week !

What do you think about the new idea of Weevil Weekly being gone? Comment below! 

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