Bin Weevils Mag Issue #21 Coming Soon and It’s Bin Pet month!

Hey Bin Weevils!

This month, it’s Bin Pet Month and all of the Tycoon Bin Weevils are excited because romours say that the New Bin Pet location will be moving into the Bin and we can’t wait! I think the Bin Pet’s shop at the Shopping Mall will be moved to the New Bin Pet hotel! And if you haven’t got a Bin Pet, go buy one at the Shopping Mall! It only costs 5000 Mulch! My Bin Pets been extra unusual lately! He’s been doing extra juggling practice and getting out of he’s bed lately, he’s been jumping round me and asking for more food! This mystery about the new Bin Pet Location; we’ve got to uncover!

Anyway, the new Bin Weevils Magazine is out on the 13th November 2013! Read onto find the latest info about the new issue #21…

Here’s what’s new from the Bin Weevils What’s New Blog:

It’s almost time! The new Bin Weevils Mag hits stores THIS WEEK and it’s packed with all the Bin-tastic juicy info you’ve been waiting for! Sneak a peek at Riggs top-secret construction project with Scribbles’ Bin Pet, Doodle, then get festive with a preview of brand-new Christmas nest items…plus, uncover an important secret from the Bin’s Past!

The new issue of Bin Weevils Magazine will be available November 13th at all good supermarkets and newsagents (UK only).

– hf556

All rights reserved.

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