Vote Bin Weevils in the Bafta Kids Vote!

Hello Bin Weevils,

The Bafta Kids Vote ends soon and if you aged 7-14 years old, you’ve got until November 22nd to cast your vote and make sure your faves come out on top! Visit the BAFTA Kids’ Vote now to get started.


Taking part is easy. Just enter each pod and pick your favourite. Vote in all four categories and you’ll unlock our special present pod full of exciting goodies PLUS you can enter our competition to win some amazing prizes.

The winners in each category will be announced at the BAFTA Children’s Awards on Sunday 24th November.

Get started – vote now!


Last year, The Bafta KIds Vote had over 500,000 votes! Help them make this another record breaking year – tell your friends and get them voting too.


The Bin Weevils part is in the ‘WEB’ section but you can’t go to it straight away! Enter your vote in one of the nominees and then you will go into the next section of voting!

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