Weevil Weekly Round-Up #212

Hiya! It’s Scribbles here with your Weevil Weekly Round-Up post!  Every Friday, I’ll be blogging all the best news from the Binscape, with some help from my amazing new team of reporters  – YOU!

If your comment gets featured in the Weevil Weekly Round-Up I’ll send you a blingin’ Scribbles Trophy for your nest! Be sure to comment on the What’s New Blog posts all week long to let me know what you’re thinking.

This morning I caught up with Dott, determined to get the goss on the big Bin Pet secret! Dott was in a mad rush, sweeping and cleaning in the Bin Pet Shop and even packing some things up!  I could only get in a few quickfire questions before she shooed me out the door, but here’s what I found out.

Scribbles: Dott! All the pets are going mad with excitement. What’s going on?

Dott: Big changes, Scribbz! First of all, I’ve designed a new way for Bin Pets to learn how to juggle and unlock their new tricks! I’ll be ready to show it to everyone very soon.

Scribbles: Wow! Like a new pet training program?

Dott: You could say that! But the trainer is YOU! Every Bin Weevil has the potential to be a top trainer.

Scribbles: I heard that Rigg is building something new for pets, too. My Bin Pet, Doodle, found some interesting plans!

Dott: Yes, I think your pet got the news! What a nosy one! Haha! [To see the plans, check out Issue #21 of Bin Weevils Mag!]

Scribbles: And what about your shop? How come you’re putting all this stuff in boxes? What’s that tape over there on the wall?

Dott: Shhh! Too many questions. You’ll see soon. I have to get back to work!

Last week, news broke that Lab and Trigg’s Teleporter Pad was finally available for sale. There were only a few prototypes available before stocks ran out…but now Lab has finally delivered some more of this super-high-tech item to Nestco!

Supplies are still limited, but all elite agents will want to bag this item. Just a single click will transport you directly from your nest into the heart of SWS HQ, ready to report for duty!

To celebrate the launch of my weekly round-up post, I thought it was time for a FREE CODE! Who doesn’t love a free nest item?

Pop over to the Mystery Code Machine at Lab’s Lab and redeem the code WWDOODLE for a poster of Doodle and 50 Mulch!(Hurry, this code can only be used until Monday, Nov 18th!)

Keep an eye out for me around the Binscape and you could see your photo here! I love to meet my fans, so if you spot me wandering around, be sure to say hi. I’ve got a special profile pic when you click on me, so you’ll know it’s really me!

My team of reporters is double-size this week, because they’ve enlisted the help of their Bin Pets to sniff out the scoop. Check out what these readers had to say!

I think the Bin Pets are trying to do something magical like opening up a circus!

I think it must be something to do with the fountain if lots of pets are going there. And maybe if lots of Bin Pets are jumping about then something exciting must be happening!


Maybe all the Bin Pets are coming together and planning a special Christmas surprise, and they’re just so excited they are bursting for Christmas to come!

I think it would be good to go searching around Mulch Island for what the Bin Pets are so excited about. After all, the Temple on Mulch Island is where Weevil X kidnapped Lady Wawa to!

My pet has lately been really eager to learn more tricks and I think it might be something to do with a juggling Bin Pet picture from Mulch Island!

Have a weevily weekend, and stay tuned for the big reveal NEXT WEEK… Don’t forget to keep commenting on the What’s New Blog for your chance to be in the Weevil Weekly limelight!

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