Welcome TiNy-weevil To The Blog

Hello Binweevils

I would like to thank My Buddy Xpwinner for letting me join this Awesome Blog.

About My Blogging

I started blogging Nearly a year ago now and I started blogging on a Blog Called BINWEEVILS ROCKS. After that I made a couple of blogs and now I have a main blog called Binweevils Times Ltd. I have been on Many blogs such as Universal Edits (Im a Admin Now) BINWEEVILS ROCKS still and a couple more.

About My Bin Life

I started binweevils in 2007 with my best buddy X-lightening-X. He won the KOTB in the old bin and he is one of the only ones still playing. I have met many buds who now have left such as Tammy3 and Ferro My OLD Best bud. Ferro was like a role person to me but now I don’t see him what upsets me the most.

What will I Be Bringing to this blog

  • Pages
  • Media updates
  • Posts

And Much More!

My Current Weevil is TiNy-weevil and I mostly go on Grime.


This is my Bin Weevils Profile. I am currently at level 62.

Thanks For reading

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