Hello Binweevils

As some of you might know tiny gets up and get on his iPod and reads the news and I saw it was Anti Bullying Week. This Week I will be supporting Anti Bullying week with a lot of good Things

Ways To Stop Bullying/Anti-Bullying

Anti Bullying Week

Everyone Should Know Bullying is Bad This Includes Cyber-Bullying Anti Bullying or Bullying Supper this below


Don’t Know What Anti Bullying Is?

Anti Bullying is People who have been asking people to meet up only and are older (This is Mainly Cyber Bullying). There are Lots of peoples who can be bully’s and if you ever come across someone who is one move away or Contact the police like above. Bullying Can carry on for a number of days not just one day (This is known as Someone being mean). CAN WE STOP BULLYING FOREVER DO YOU KNOW HOW COMMENT BELOW!


I hope you understand a bit more about Bullying



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