NEW Bin Pet Profiles & Training Paths!

Hello Bin Weevils!


Have you ever seen a brilliant Bin Pet showing off their tricks and wanted to know more about this tiny talent? Now, you can click on any Bin Pet to check out their brand new Profile Box! Find out how many balls they can juggle and who taught ‘em their tricks!

Once your Bin Pet has achieved the Juggling skill, you can now unlock amazing training paths to help your pet learn even more cool moves! Those balls won’t stop spinning now that your pet’s tricks are easier than ever to access. Pet training’s a breeze with these new commands!



And if you click on Profile on your Bin Pet’s Profile, you can see their archives, how many juggling balls your Bin Pet’s got and the Adoption date and who it’s owned by and you can also check out the Pet Status!

Haven’t got a Bin Pet yet?  You can adopt one now inside the newly-renovated Bin Pet Shop at the Shopping Mall.


Inside the Bin Pet shop, this is where you adopt the perfect pet!


And now, you can find all the toys, huts, decorations and items for your little pal in the Bin Pet Shop, too!  Bin-tastic!

Bin Pet Gifts

If you want to buy your Bin Pet a gift, the stand is next to where you buy your Bin Pet food.


Inside the Bin Pet Shop, this is where you buy stuff for your perfect Bin Pet! Click on the stand at then you see some Bin Pet items that will come up on the screen!


This item was originally produced in Bin Mart and this item costs 16 Dosh!


This gift would be perfect for your Bin Pet because it’s really fun to play with!

Can’t wait for Bin Pets Paradise to open? Neither can the Bin Pets! They’re more excited than ever and they’re eager to polish up their skills before the big opening day! Play with your Bin Pet every day to increase their talent and get them ready to be the star of the show.

To adopt a new Bin Pet, you’ll need to be a Bin Tycoon Member. Learn more about all the cool stuff you can do as a Bin Tycoon on the Membership page!




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