New Bin Pet Paradise coming soon to the Bin and New Bin Pet Shop updated!

Hello Bin Weevils,

Since the new Bin Pet Shop got updated in the Shopping Mall, of the the Bin Weevils has been excited because the new Bin Pet Paradise is coming soon to the Bin very soon! If you have picked up your copy of Bin Weevils Magazine issue #21, you will see secret plans for the New and exciting Bin Pet Paradise coming next week to Bin Tycoon members! Scribbles Bin Pet, Doodle has investigated the plans for the new Bin Pet Paradise and we have gathered some exciting facts for you to read! The New Bin Pet Hotel facts that we have gathered are…

  •  Salon / Your Bin Pet will need a change of look and some good pampering!
  • PetCot/ Buy your Bin Pet the toys and items that they need!
  • Bin Pet Safari/ these plans are TOP SECRET by Rigg! What could this plan be for us Bin Tycoon Members…?
  • Gym/ Your Bin Pet can keep fit inside the Gym and your Bin Pet can show off he’s amazing skills!

As you can see, the New Bin Pet Paradise resort is already on the map and it looks better already!


This picture looks very detailed because you can see the Bin Pet Totems which was originally put in Mulch Island but they decided to have a replica of the Totems which makes the Bin Pet Resort more interesting!  They Gym looks even more exciting because Bin Pets can test there fitness and show of there ‘special’ skills! There is also a salon that looks beautifully detailed because in the Salon, you can change your Bin Pet’s Looks and pamper it as much as you like!

Ink’s orange Peel was named after Ink which is still around in the Bin!


This is Ink!

My personal choice would be having Flums Fountain in the New Bin because in the Old Bin,  they weren’t going to have a Bin Pet Resort but in the New Bin, they ARE going to have a Bin Pet Hotel which is exciting for all Bin Weevils that are Tycoons!

Now onto my 2nd post: Bin Pet Shop updated!

As I went on to Bin Weevils yesterday, the whole Bin Pet shop had been updated to a proper Pet Shop!


The Bin Pet Shop looks really good now! Before, it was boring and rubbish but now, it has a new stand for you to buy Stuff for your Bin Pet, Pet for a day-what could this be…? You can adopt a Bin Pet on the window and much more! Recently, this update of the Bin Pet Shop was given credit to fellow blogger Sheepes because he said the Bin should get updated and so should the Bin Pet Shop! Well, this is the end of my post and Tum103 and me will be making another post about something else very soon! -TOP SECRET! I hope you enjoyed this post and please comment if you have a suggestion about this post!

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      1. I like how you said this at the end of the repost:

        P.S – Please may all comments on this post ONLY be related to the Bin Pet updates, or if any inappropriate comments are found further action shall be taken. Thank you.

        Good! Make sure you put that at the end of ALL YOUR POSTS ok?

      2. Okay, thanks for the feedback! I think we need to set some rules for the behaviour on here. Everyone just feels like it’s a “talk free zone”, but it’s not! What do you think, buddy?

      3. This blog is gonna go through some major updates! We need loads more pages, features and we need to WAKE UP our staff members, most of them don’t post except for Tiny and some others!

      4. I know. I am quite sad too. I think he can’t be bothered to post on here. He thinks my blog is rubbish and he wants he’s blog to be the best but it’s not. 😦

      5. I will, doing homework and found this website used using WordPress and that’s why I am commenting! Lolz! 🙂

      1. I really don’t appreciate you saying that! If you have nice things to say, say it. I will be Re-Posting this post soon and f you comment again that is not relevant to the Re-Post soon, further action maybe taken. Thank you.

      2. But the reason why I hate it, is because viewers don’t really go to the END of the blog and they can easily see it on the side as they scroll down.

      3. They might do, and actually I found people take more interest now when it’s on the side, but on the theme I have I can actually put images at the bottom.

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