RE-POSTED: *BUMPER POST!* Bin Pets Paradise secrets and Weevil Post News!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Welcome to another Bin-tastic bumper post by Tum103! Today I will be reporting more information about the brand new Bin Pets Paradise coming very soon, along with some more information about Weevil Post and more!

Part 1 – Bin Pets Paradise plans…

If you have picked up your copy of the Bin Weevils Magazine Issue #21, you may have found the secret plans for the brand new Bin Pets Paradise coming to Bin Tycoon members next week! Scribbles’ Bin Pet, Doodle, has found the final plans for the fantastic new area just for Bin Pets. The basic idea for this cool new area looks like a theme park, featuring different areas, a fountain, benches and even some fencing/trees on the borders! The Bin Pets Paradise includes…

– Salon – Your Bin Pet always needs a change of look and some pampering!

– PetCot – Buy many items from the wide range of Bin Pet items inside PetCot!

– Gym – Show off your Bin Pet’s amazing skills inside the Gym!

– Safari – An area inside Bin Pets Paradise that is still being kept TOP SECRET! What could this be…?

Bin Pets Paradise looks very cool, and I can’t wait for it to open! Probably Bin Weevils will reduce all Bin Pet nest items on a special offer to celebrate the grand opening of this new area? Plus, Bin Weevils haven’t released any information about where it will be located. I think it will be located somewhere in the horizon at Flum’s Fountain, as rumours that a Tycoon-only place off Flum’s Fountain is still being kept TOP SECRET, in an original What’s New Blog post.

Bin Weevils picture

Where do you think it will be built? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

Part 2 – Weevil Post secrets uncovered…

Recently, I received a reply to one of my many e-mails to Bin Weevils, asking why and when the second floor inside Weevil Post will be opening. Weevil Post was given a fresh new look to celebrate Scribbles’ 200th Issue of Weevil Weekly, however at the time the second level was still closed. Several months have past until a few changes have occured inside Weevil Post recently. All the banners and balloons have been removed, and only some bunting remains on the walls, along with the removal of Scribbles Trivia and Weevil Weekly! Going back to the main subject, Bin Weevils told me that they will be opening the top level very soon, but they are still making sure that it’s perfect! Have you got any suggestions on what can be upstairs? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed finding out some interesting facts about the Bin and I also hope you enjoy the Bin Pet Paradise opening it’s doors NEXT WEEK!

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  1. Tum, how would you like to be an author on my blog, Bin Weevils Encyclopedia? I find your posts very interesting and think you’re worthy to be a member of the team 😀

      1. Because right now, we only have a guides page and a Home Page. Will you be able to add more pages like a Bin Pet Page and just add info on the page about Bin Pets! Include your Bin Pet, My Bin Pet and stuff like that!

      2. 🙂 lolz. You’re right. I have done a warning post before about authors need to post and they didn’t listen. Samfay123 has only done 1 post! We need to wake up our staff members before they don’t do anymore posts! When I done a warning post before, all of the authors listened and done a post. Beano150 joined my blog and he hasn’t done a post yet! (I think he quitted blogging or something.) If you think there is any good authors that are on WordPress, add them to my blog but you have to ask me first, buddy for my permission and yes, if you do have the time tomorrow to do some pages on my blog, you can! I do trust you on my blog, obviously!

      3. No, Beanp hasn’t left he is just bery busy with his other blog which is with Weebly and not WordPress. Why don’t we add Chip? He’s good!

      4. Ok. Can you do a sub-page on the guides page and then do like Weevil Weekly Round Up Reviews-(sub page) and then then do a best nest reviews page on another sub page? And also, today is the Weevil Weekly Round Up on the what’s new blog on BW so can you copy tthat postt and do it on that weevil weekly round-up’s sub-page?

      5. I am not sure if I will be on today, but I am going to be on tomorrow until 6pm, as I have to go to a friend’s party.

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