*Bumper Post* Bin Pet Updates – New Profile Cards, New Way To Train, New Bin Pet Shop And Bin Pet Paradise COMING SOON!

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Hey Bin Weevils!

Before I start, just to let you know, the maintainence weekend didn’t happen, as I was unexpectedly busy. I will do one with in the next month.

Anyway, on to the new Bin Pet Updates! Now, new don’t really have much Bin Pet content on this site, but soon that will change. I will be adding some new pages, and much more.

Bin Weevils haven’t really updated Bin Pets since their launch in 2008, let alone give them their own bin area! Yes, You heard me right, Bin Weevils have announced Bin Pet Paradise. The latest addition to the bin areas.  With tycoon island gone, it was only a matter of time before a new area came.

Now, Bin Pet Paradise can’t be accessed yet, but they have already updated the map with the new icon:

map with bin pet paradise

In Bin Pet Paradise, I’m hoping for a Bin Pet Changer and maybe a place to feed your pets, get new bowls and beds etc.

But, looking at the map image, it looks like another Bin Pet Temple is being opened, some sort of gym, a salon, and a restaurant.

But That’s Not All!

As you probably knew before, if you didn’t own the pet, and you clicked on it, nothing would happen. But now, a new ‘Bin Pet Profile Card’ appears:

As you can see, I bought my Bin Pet in the old Bin, back in 2009!  Also, When you click on a Bin Pet, the 'Options' Button wont be there.

As you can see, I bought my Bin Pet in the old Bin, back in 2009! Also, When you click on a Bin Pet, the ‘Options’ Button wont be there.

A few new ‘tricks’ have been added also, such as ‘Go There’ and ‘Copy Me’(Your pet could already do this, but there wasn’t a command for it):

mulchy options

The new Command/Options card looks awesome!

There are also new training paths, which I don’t quite get yet, but as soon as I do, I will make a whole post devoted to that!

training paths

This is an example of the 3 Ball Pro Tricks training path.

Also, Bin Weevils have done some ‘Under The Hood’ updates. Pets now actually do what you say (thank Goodness!).

And they have even added some new bin pet emotions! When your pet doesn’t like something it makes a sad face, if it likes it, a happy face, if you say its name it has question marks, and if it needs food, a picture of a food bowl.

I will be adding a ‘Meet The Bin Pets’ Page, where you can see loads of weevils pets!

animated post tag mackied

P.S – There may be a party tomorrow (friday), as it’s my birthday on saturday.


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