New Bin Pet Logos on the Bin Weevils Map and In the Shopping Mall and vote Bin Weevils in the Bafta Kids Vote!

Hello Bin Weevils,

As I went on the ‘Bin Weevils Map’ today, I noticed these new signs that when you click them, it goes straight to the ‘Bin Pets Shop’ that got re-vamped in the Shopping Mall! Bin Weevils has made a really good job of re-vamping the Bin Pet’s Shop and there are moderators coming in and out of the ‘Bin Pets Shop  adding new stuff! There is also a new feature in the new Bin Pet’s Shop’ called ‘Bin Pet For A Day’ which is coming soon. Bin Weevils also added a new ‘Bin Pet Stand’ which you can buy items for your Bin Pet. All of the Bin Pet Nest items were originally in Nestco and Bin Mart but then, they moved that section over to the Bin Pet stand in the ‘Bin Pet’s Shop’!


And also, the ‘Bafta Kids Vote’ ends tomorrow ( 22nd) so be sure to vote for YOUR favourite nominee!

Bin Weevils is nominated every year in the Bafta Kids Vote so be sure to vote weevily friends! Kids rule!

Click this picture to go straight to the Bafta Kids Vote website to cast your vote!

And also, if you vote for ‘Bin Weevils’, you get FREE exclusive Nest Item codes and you can also enter the Bafta competition to win exclusive goodies!-Wicked!)

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