New Bin Weevils sign on the Bin Weevils Map and Bin Weevils Bin Pet Shop updated!

Hello Bin Weevils!

When I logged into Bin Weevils today, I saw a new ‘Bin Weevils sign Bin Pets’ sign on the map! Moderators have been in and out of the Shopping Mall today and I even saw Maybee! If you don’t know who Maybee is, it’s Scribbles other Bin Weevil. As I said, there is a new Bin Pets sing on the Bin Weevils Map! Here it is:


This is the new Bin Pets sing for the Bin Weevils Map! 22/11/13

And also, I think the Bin Weevils Map looks so much better now.. the ‘ Bafta Kids’ Vote ‘ has ended now and the winners will be announced on Sunday 24th November 2013!


When you visit the Bafta Kids Vote website, this is what the Home Page will look like!

And also, the new Bin Weevils Bin Pets Shop has been updated! This is what it looks like now:




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