Jjs63 Finishes his Bin Card| Bin Card Puzzle pieces

Hello Bin Weevils,

Jjs63 has finally finished his bin card, here is what it looks like when you complete it:

                   You get, 50 dosh and all the puzzle pieces what are missing.

This what happens when its the next day, this picture is taken from Chelskisummer!

              This what happens the 2nd day of finishing the Bin Card.

I would like to show you what I got from all the puzzle pieces!

                         A “Dirt Doughnut Chandelier”

And something from the Doshes Family.

A picture of Magrosh!

I will be showing you all the puzzle pieces so you can get them all right!

Wake up Tink Puzzle Piece!
Venus Clott trap. Puzzle Piece
Claws for thought. Puzzle Piece
Robo-Bet. Puzzle Piece
Interga-LAB-tic. Puzzle Piece
The ama-ZING camera bot. Puzzle Piece
Labs Bed time story. Puzzle Piece
Space Rocks. Puzzle Piece
Dosh’s Laundry day. Puzzle Piece
Shop till you drop! Puzzle Piece
Weevily Wild West. Puzzle piece
Tinks Tower. Puzzle piece
Dining Dash. Puzzle Piece
Bin-Tastic-Beat. Puzzle Piece!
Heads up! Puzzle Piece

If you have any more puzzle pieces I would put them on this post!


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