Dragon’s Tooth Nest Item: Limited Sale!

Hello Bin Weevils,

This was first posted from the Bin Weevils What’s New Blog:

Jeepers! Digg’s made an unbelievable find on Mulch Island – dozens of enormous ancient dragons’ teeth! Dragons don’t lose their baby teeth very often, so this find is super rare. Each tooth is packed with magic and you can even make a wish on it! Just watch out for the pointy edges…

But hurry, the Dragons Tooth is on sale for a limited time at Nestco!


This Dragons Tooth Nest Item gives you 1500 XP and it costs 80 Dosh!

Top Tip: With this nest item, you can make a Mulch Island room and buy the Mulch Island Temple wallpaper for your nest! You can also add some SWS trophies and the SWS teleporter pad. 

Scribbles first reported this story in last week’s Weevil Weekly Round-Up!  Where do you think Digg should dig next, and what might he find on his next expedition? Let Scribbles know in the comments below!

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