*BUMPER POST* Bin Weevils won the Bafta Kids Vote! Christmas decorations inside shops soon & the new Bin Pet Paradise coming soon…!

Hello Bin Weevils,

Weevily wow! I was so excited that Bin Weevils was voted your Favourite Website for the third year in a row in the BAFTA Kids’ Vote! I can’t believe it! I’d like to thank all the fans for their Bin-tastic support! Don’t forget to pick up your FREE Celebration Balloons for your nest by entering the secret code BAFTA4BW2013 in the Mystery Code Machine at Lab’s Lab! 

Dazzling decorations!

My Bin Pet, Doodle, loves Christmas! Every year he counts down the days until we can put up our decorations. I decided to surprise him with some early gifts, so I decorated this nest room while he was sleeping….shhh. He’s going to be over the moon when he wakes up!

Loads of Christmas Nest Items will be on sale starting NEXT WEEK, so you can spoil your pet with lots of festive goodies and trim your nest with Christmas cheer! You can find the Golden Scratching Post in my picture on sale at the Bin Pet Shop now!

Have you heard? Bin Pets Paradise is almost ready to open! Yesterday, I got an amazing behind-the-scenes peek at what Rigg is building in the new area. Check out these exclusive photos!

What do you think Bin Pets will be able to do in here? Is your Bin Pet looking forward to the grand opening? Let me tell you, the only other time I’ve seen Doodle so excited is on Christmas Eve!

Do you have any thoughts about this post? Comment below!





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