Charzaird Gets His 115 Dosh Top-Up!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Its the 29th of November and every 29th on each month, Charzaird gets his Dosh Top-Up. I have earned 115 dosh from the cash machine on Bin Weevils. You must also be a tycoon to get dosh Top-Ups but since I have been tycoon for ages and I have reached month 8 of a Bin Tycoon, i have got my 115 Dosh. Of course, I am now gonna start saving up my Dosh and also gonna use it on good items only, as I have got a total of 299 Dosh now. šŸ™‚

Dosh Message From Big Weevil!

Make sure you get to month 8 as a Bin Tycoon, since you can get tons more Dosh and get the best items Dosh can buy. So far I have recently used lots and lots of my Dosh on nest items, for my nest as it helped me win a gold nest trophy as Dosh items are fantastic in your rooms even the Dosh priced wallpaper items.

The Cash Machine!

Did you know you can get mulch from your mags and Bin Tycoon Plaza as well? You can also get Dosh if you pay for it. If you want, you could get a 360 Dosh package but it will cost lots to get and its best just to wait montly for your new Dosh Top-Up. Also, dont forget to stamp Bin Cards this is the 3rd way you can get Dosh. Vouchers, are also something that comes from Bin Cards, so best not to waste Dosh on hats with no vouchers. When you get loads of Hem’s hats vouchers use it on Hem’s hats for a stylish hat that matches your level. Dont forget, the higher the Bin Card the more bonus rewards and Dosh found inside it.

Charzaird’s Dosh Rewards So Far!

In total I now have 299 Dosh which is amazing. Sadly it runs out tommorow, since Charzaird was made in 2011 and since its a 2011 weevil you get Dosh the day before it runs out. I will get tycoon back anyway as I have still got to send my Nest and Garden off.

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A post by Charzaird (Admin of Xp site)

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