New Bin Weevils Advent Calendar!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Have you been off to your nest and noticed something rather odd? The month of Christmas, which is of course December is coming up and Bin Weevils are counting down to Christmas! Go and view your advent calendar inside your nest now, it is hiding on top of the picture featuring Clott in it!


Tomorrow it’s the 1st December, which means it’s nearly time to open number ’1′ of your Bin Weevils advent calendars as well as your real life calendars with chocolates inside! Tomorrow open number ’1′ and you’ll reveal a Christmas prize, what could it be? XP’s Bin Weevil World will keep you updated every day with new all the locations of every number on your advent calendar.

calandar (1)

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A post written by Eddzy.


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