Eddzy Earns A Bronze Rockilla Miniature Figurine From A Bin Bots Series 2 Bling-Bag!

Originally posted on Bin Weevils Encyclopedia.

Hello Bin Weevils!

You may have noticed that I’ve been away for a few hours today, this is because I was going shopping for some Christmas items when I came across an a section stacked with all sorts of wonderful and wacky toys! I then suddenly caught my eyes on a section with loads of Bin Weevils toys, Bin Bot bling-bags, figures and play sets, unfortunately I didn’t have much money so I just brought my self a Bin Bots series two blind-bag!

bin bots

I stormed home to open it to find a bronze Rockilla figurine inside, at first I actually thought it was gold but unfortunately it was bronze, I was so close! I’m glad to get my hands on another bronze figurine to add to my collection and hopefully next time I’ll get my hands on a silver! A long with the figurine was a leaflet folded up, I unfolded it and something came out of the leaflet, this was the card containing the mystery code to redeem at Labs’ Lab and reveal a prize! I went back to my nest and there it was, my bronze rockilla figurine but in-game!


Don’t know what a Bin Bot is and would like to explore how they first appeared in the Bin-scape? Then why not visit Bin Weevils Encyclopedia’s Bin Bots page by clicking here, where you will find every thing you need to know about them, how they appeared and how you can earn them!

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