Weekend Puzzle Prize

Hello Binweevils

Today I went to The what’s new blog to find out the Puzzle Prize and I worked it out. This is what you had to do to Win a nest item and 50XP



Below I will be showing you what I got and what you will get to. Weekend Puzzle Prizes come Every Sunday at 8:00 and they will be hard a bit. You will get a nest item or maybe mulch or maybe xp!

Here is the Code: 124314 Go labs lab now to redeem your code and this is what you get

XP What i got

Thanks For reading a Post By TiNy-weevil

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  1. Ok. Can you edit a page like the Ideas and Suggestions page on my blog and add loads of information on that page please? I am trying to keep my blog updated as possible and I am trying to get authors to post.

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