Advent Calendar Prize-day 2 and Bin Weevils Christmas shop open!

Merry Christmas Bin Weevils!

Weevily- Wow! It’s day two of your Bin Weevils Advent Calender prize! If you don’t now where the Advent Calendar is, it is located in your central Nest Room near your garden pipe!


As you can see, this is the Bin Weevils Advent Calender!

Today, click on Day Two of your Advent Calendar and you get a prize! You might get a different prize though! I got a some green  tinsel with Red and green stripes on it! 


This is the Advent Calender prize! A piece of Tinsel!

Top Tip: This prize will go perfectly in a themed Christmas room! You can buy more Christmas-y stuff in Bing’s Pop-Up Christmas shop in the Shopping Mall!

Also, want to know something else Merry? Yes! That’s right, the new Pop-Up Christmas shop has arrived in the Bin! Head over to the Shopping Mall NOW!


Here is XPWINNER6656 standing outside of the new Pop-Up Christmas Shop!

This year, new items have arrived in the Christmas Shop! If you want to see all of the items, I’ve cataloged here for you! 


These are the items I have cataloged here for you!

And also, new Bin-tastic Bin Pet items have arrived at the Bin Pets Shop! They sure look Bin-tastic when you see them! And also, we want your Christmas rooms to put on our *NEW* Bin-tastic Christmas rooms gallery! To send them in, just comment below with a link of your room and then they’ll get added to the new page!

Merry Christmas bloggers and Bin Weevils

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