And the new presenter is…

Hello Bin Weevils,

The new presenter of my TV show, Binchats needs deciding, and I need your help! Just weevil onto our website, to vote for the new co host. The winner of this role will be a presenter until 3rd March, but be warned, just like any job, you could be fired, if you disobey rules, or anything major happens. If you feel unwell, then I can allow you to miss the show, but we will need a back-up one, so the second, or even third could become one… It’s all up to you!

Please Like, share and re-blog! 

Please share this, as we need more people to view, or by the time the series ends in March, we could not be continuing further into series 2. Oh, and yes, if you like, you can leave presenting the show, but please give at least 1 month note. Thank You.  Image

You could vote here, so here’s the poll featured on the blog.


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