The Weevily Scoop – COMING SOON!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Be sure to check out my brand new issue of THE WEEVILY SCOOP coming out very soon! This week’s issue is packed with Christmas fun and so much more! Stay tuned very soon for a review of my magazine and a reminder!

Tum103…Please like, share and re-blog this post!


      1. Can you help me delete all of the bad comments on this blog and update a few pages, buddy? My blog is staying private until January 22nd or the 1st so I am may going to expect pages from you! We could have pages like Tum103’s pages. I saw that on WWB and you had subpages. Can you add a page called Tum103’s pages and then add subpages and then write whatever you are going to write?

      2. Do you think we should delete all our posts and start all over again? Plus, can I still update the blig when it’s private?

      3. You can update the buddies page and could you add a page called Tum103’s pages? In Tum103’s pages, you can add what u are gonna write. I seen WWB’S Tum103’s pages and they were great!

      4. Of course! I haven’t had much time on the laptop this week bud, sorry. I will be on WordPress on Saturday though!

      5. Ok. I really enjoy your posts and I haven’t seen them lately. I can’t help you on Saturday because I am going to a friends house which is awesome because he has 2 laptops and I can play on the other one! Could you start a page called Bin Bots and then add a subpage called Bin Bot combinations?

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