Series 3 of my Little Pony, Friendship is magic at Riggs Move Multiplex!

Hello Bin Weevils,

My Little Pony Friendship Friendship Is Magic have sadly came to an end but now there is a series 3 at Riggs Movie Multiplex! 


Here is XPWINNER6656 outside Rigg’s Movie Multiplex!

If you go into Rigg’s Movie Multiplex, there is a door that leads into my Little Pony. Bin Weevils have updated this feature because it is now a jungle style that I am aware of. 


As you can see, I think series 3 of ‘my Little Pony‘ is going to be a jungle episode!

As you go into the ‘My Little Pony’ Pop-Up party, you can watch a ‘Free Episode’ of the brand new series right now and keep an eye for all of the New ‘My Little Pony episodes premiering every Friday


This is the new series 3 of ‘My Little Pony’ video!

You can find out more about your favourite ‘My Little Pony Character’ by getting the ‘Brand New Video Bios’, pick up ‘exclusive three nest items’ by clicking the Nest Item star in the picture above!


Here is XPWINNER6656 with he’s ‘My Little Pony Nest Item!’

If you visit the Shopping Mall, (inside) there is a ‘My Little Pony’ figure in there. If you click the figure, it will earn you 50 Mulch and also, it will take you to the original place of ‘My Little Pony’.


This is the figure, just click it to earn 50 Mulch!



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