XPWINNER6656’S Christmas Room!

This might be my last post.

Hello Bin Weevils,

I have been working on my Christmas rooms lately from buying loads of stuff from Bing’s Christmas shop in the Shopping Mall. Soon, I am going to send my Christmas rooms off to the Nest Inspector. 


Why don’t you comment below and put your Christmas room in a link?

And also, I have been working on my second Christmas room to send off to the Nest Inspector which was first a Rock ‘N’ Roll room but then I changed it to a Christmas one. And have you noticed, if you haven’t got loads of Christmas decorations from last year, you can check out your advent Calendar in the central room of your nest. On your Bin Weevils Advent Calendar, you just click the number on what day it is then weevil over to Flums Fountain and say ‘Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays!’ To make your Christmas room look more blingn’, make sure you pick up the V.I.P Set of Bin Pet Toys *Tycoons Only* at the Bin Pet shop! You could change your Bin Pets colour to red or green to make your Bin Pet get in the Christmas spirit! If you looked in Issue #21 of Bin Weevils Magazine, there were some sneak peeks of Bing’s new Christmas items including a Candy Cane Throne, Bin Pet Christmas items and much more!


As you can see, I changed my Bin Pets colour! Change yours today!

And also, I have changed my Christmas look as well! You can change your look at the Bin Weevils Changer at Dosh’s Palace! It’s always nice to change your looks on different occasions like Halloween, Birthdays etc.


This is XPWINNER6656’S Christmas? Have you got a Christmas look? Comment below!

Will the ‘Winter Wonderland’ from last year come to Bin Weevils again? We will know this because Bin Weevils post something like this on the What’s New Blog. 

This was last year or 2 years before. The Winter Wonderland was open then. I missed this because I wasn’t a Tycoon and I didn’t know what Bin Weevils was.

And coming soon, it’s my Christmas magazine that is coming soon to Weevil Post on Bin Weevils! It’s is going to be packed with Christmas info, some merry Bin photos and much more!


This is my magazine that is coming soon! Look’s exciting doesn’t it?

And also, I have some very exciting news to tell you! Chip8967 who owns Weekly Weevil Blog put me in he’s magazine as a Bin Buddy Shout-Out! I was so surprised when I saw this!


It looks awesome doesn’t it? Chip chose 5 bloggers in ‘Bin Buddy’s Shout-Outs in he’s magazine and I was one of them!

XPWINNER6656… Please like, share and re-blog this post.



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