I am going to quit blogging

Hello readers,

Right now, I am having some serious thoughts on blogging and that means I am going to quit blogging permanently. Jjs is keep swearing at me and saying rude words and someone has done a ‘Hate XPWINNER page chat box on Facebook. I am not very happy about this. Authors are not really posting on my blog and I am so fed up! My views are going down because authors are posting spam and also rubbish posts. From now on, the new owner is going to be Tum103. 

Bloggers haven’t been nice to me lately. Chip and Jjs haven’t been nice to me. Jjs has been swearing at me allot so that’s the reason why I am quitting blogging.

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A Xp’s Bin Weevil Post made by XPWINNER6656






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