Pop Quiz: Bin Weevils Mag #21!

Hello Bin Weevils,

Here is a post from the Bin Weevils Whats’ New Blog.

Can you solve the quiz?

Bin Weevils Magazine is available now in all good newsagents and supermarkets (UK only).  It’s your last chance to get a copy of Issue #21, so grab it now before the next Bin-tastic issue hits stores next week!

If you have solved the code, you get a free Bin  Weevils Magazine issue # 21 poster! Just weevil onto the Mystery Code Machine outside Labs Lab and enter this code:


This answer was credited to Hf556.

The Bin Weevils Bin Pet Poster will be perfect for a Bin Pet Room!


It looks soooooooooo cute doesn’t it? My Bin Pet will love it it!

Top Tip: Make sure you collect the Bin Pet V.I.P Gift set inside the Bin Pet Shop! That would make a blingin’ Bin Pet Room! Bin-tastic! 

If you want to make a Bin Pet Room inside your nest or get some inspiration, make sure you visit Kieran6955’s nest tips on Xp’s Bin Weevil World!

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A Xp’s Bin Weevil World post made by XPWINNER6656.



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