The Snowy Forest Bed and other new Christmas Items have arrived at the Christmas Shop!

Hello Bin Weevils,

Weevily-Wow! The New Snowy Forest Bed Christmas Item has arrived at the Christmas Shop! If you have looked in issue #21 of Bin Weevils Magazine, there were some sneek peeks of Bing’s New Christmas items including the Snowy Forest Bed! 

As said, you might of seen this item in Bin Weevils Magazine issue #21. This Christmas item was not available last year!

The Snowy Forest Bed item is very expensive and it costs 100 Dosh! If you do not have enough Dosh, you can buy more stuff from the Bin Weevils Membership page! 


As you can see in this picture, this item costs 100 Dosh and it gives you 1515 XP!


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A Xp’s Bin Weevil World post made by XPWINNER6656


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