Welcoming ali3494!

Hey Xp’s Bin Weevil World. fans! I’m Ali I work on Blogs such as Weevily Edits 4u and soon i might be joining Binweevils Encyclopedia. When i was looking through my emails i was shocked to find out i had an invitation to this Bin-tastic website! I’m glad i’m going to be working with XpWinner and ill be posting time to time!


This is my profile!

On binweevils I am a Bin tcoon and i have a Binpet called Binny. I am budds with most bloggers like Eddzy, Marvellous-Mark, Chip, Buzzy and lots more! If you would like to meet me in the Bin Comment what Time, Place and Bin we should meet. If your lucky i may add you!

Thats all for now but don’t worry because I will post yet again on Xp’s Bin Weevil World!

– ali3494



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