BinLeaks has closed down and stay safe!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Recently, a group of professional hackers have striked again and have done some serious damage this time. The group, which includes many hackers including Adrian and Pure, is called BinLeaks, where they give out players’ account details away, IP addresses, Bin Weevil Team members’ personal details and hacking Bin Weevils fan sites. Unfortunately, many blogs were hit very badly, including Weekly Weevil Blog (owned by Chip8967), which was deleted. This also included hacking Weevily World, Bin Weevils Encyclopedia, Weevil Telegraph and many more. Despite the fact hopes were low to stop these cruel people, WordPress, Weebly and Bin Weevils were contacted, and even the police were to be contacted if this continued any further. With all our hard work to stop them, their website has been removed, but their YouTube channel still remains. Many of us were lucky enough not to have our weevils hacked when they published their fake login page. I can reveal that one of the hackers were Karen Steel, as said on one of their videos. Also, the group claim they “hate” Bin Weevils and want to destroy everything, which didn’t really affect us much. If you have any additional evidence about their personal details and anything else you have got to add to it, please comment below so that I can report this to the police. Thank you for you support.


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