XPWINNER6656 have levelled up to level 41!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Guess what weevily friends, I have just levelled up to level 41! I have been buying the new Bin Weevils Lab’s XP Potions that have just arrived at the Bin Weevils Christmas Shop in the Shopping Mall!


This is me levelling in my nest! I am so proud of myself reaching level 41!

And also, if you reach to another level, you get a free level trophy that you can put in your nest room! I wonder what I got…?


This is my levelling trophy that I putted in my Sweets Room! As you can see on the other picture attached to my trophy picture, I need to get lots of XP to get to level 42! Them XP Potions really helped me to level up!

ImageTo purchase stronger XP Potions and other exclusive nest items, you’ll need to be a Bin Tycoon Member. To learn more about all the cool stuff you can do with a Bin Tycoon Membership, or to become a Bin Tycoon today, visit the Membership Page!


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