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Weevily Crazy Up And Running Again!

Hey Weevils!

You can already see where this post is going from the title.

Well, I am pleased to tell you, that BinLeaks has been shut down by Weebly. Although we don’t know if they really are going to strike again, we are open. It may take time to restore Weevily Crazy although it will be done by tomorrow.

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A Piece Of Bin History…

Hey Weevils!

This post was originally posted on the What’s New Blog.

If you look carefully, there are loads of clues around the Binscape about past events. The island jungles are full of strange ancient relics, and Digg finds lots of odd stuff from the past on his archaeological expeditions…but you don’t actually need to go very far to find a piece of Bin history.

Castle Gam is one of the most historic buildings in the Binscape, and its owner, Gam, is the oldest Bin Weevil around. You could say that he’s a piece of Bin history himself!


This is Castle Gam! The oldest, Bin area in the whole Bin!

If you could ask Gam a question about the past – about things he’s heard and seen, about secrets he knows or places he’s visited, what would you ask him?

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Hi! I’m Bin2761…

Hello Bin Weevils!

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