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Diavlogold59 is a blogger who like Bin Weevils!!! I love writing stories in school! :) diavlogold59-Holly-Holz

Welcome your new Editor diavlogold59!!

Merry Christmas Weevils!

Today I got added here as an editor. So now I am doing my welcome post!!

My name is diavlogold59 and I love blogging! I have been blogging a few months now. And I really like it. I have met famous people such as Judisue, Chip, Scribbles and many other  weevils! I love playing virtual worlds besides BinWeevils!

I am great at school writing poems and stories so I can make a story when I want to! Here is an example of one of my stories.

Tink was scared. Clott was terrified. Hands shaking. Hearts pounding. Will they ever escape Flem Manor? And will they ever see Monty or Scribbles again??

The quest was on. Doors locked. Books fell.

” I never knew there was loads of ghosts or residents at Flem Manor.” Tink said looking confused. But Clott didn’t answer.

“Look at the files Gam have to us.” Clott said.

” It says what we already know.” Tink replied. Clott snached the files way from Tink.

“Yes you are right Tink.” Clott said.

The quest looking for Monty and Scribbles got even harder.

By diavlogold59


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