BinLeaks has closed down and stay safe!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Recently, a group of professional hackers have striked again and have done some serious damage this time. The group, which includes many hackers including Adrian and Pure, is called BinLeaks, where they give out players’ account details away, IP addresses, Bin Weevil Team members’ personal details and hacking Bin Weevils fan sites. Unfortunately, many blogs were hit very badly, including Weekly Weevil Blog (owned by Chip8967), which was deleted. This also included hacking Weevily World, Bin Weevils Encyclopedia, Weevil Telegraph and many more. Despite the fact hopes were low to stop these cruel people, WordPress, Weebly and Bin Weevils were contacted, and even the police were to be contacted if this continued any further. With all our hard work to stop them, their website has been removed, but their YouTube channel still remains. Many of us were lucky enough not to have our weevils hacked when they published their fake login page. I can reveal that one of the hackers were Karen Steel, as said on one of their videos. Also, the group claim they “hate” Bin Weevils and want to destroy everything, which didn’t really affect us much. If you have any additional evidence about their personal details and anything else you have got to add to it, please comment below so that I can report this to the police. Thank you for you support.


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I’m taking a break off blogging for a few days…

Hello Bin Weevils!

I have been having loads of fun recently on Bin Weevils and WordPress, however there is a problem. Due to the fact that I am going to Germany for a school trip from tonight until Sunday, I will not be active on Bin Weevils nor WordPress. All comments/e-mails that I receive will not be read until Sunday morning, when I come back. Otherwise, have a weevily few days on Bin Weevils!

Keep Weeviling!

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The Weevily Scoop – COMING SOON!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Be sure to check out my brand new issue of THE WEEVILY SCOOP coming out very soon! This week’s issue is packed with Christmas fun and so much more! Stay tuned very soon for a review of my magazine and a reminder!

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RE-POSTED: *BUMPER POST!* Bin Pets Paradise secrets and Weevil Post News!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Welcome to another Bin-tastic bumper post by Tum103! Today I will be reporting more information about the brand new Bin Pets Paradise coming very soon, along with some more information about Weevil Post and more!

Part 1 – Bin Pets Paradise plans…

If you have picked up your copy of the Bin Weevils Magazine Issue #21, you may have found the secret plans for the brand new Bin Pets Paradise coming to Bin Tycoon members next week! Scribbles’ Bin Pet, Doodle, has found the final plans for the fantastic new area just for Bin Pets. The basic idea for this cool new area looks like a theme park, featuring different areas, a fountain, benches and even some fencing/trees on the borders! The Bin Pets Paradise includes…

– Salon – Your Bin Pet always needs a change of look and some pampering!

– PetCot – Buy many items from the wide range of Bin Pet items inside PetCot!

– Gym – Show off your Bin Pet’s amazing skills inside the Gym!

– Safari – An area inside Bin Pets Paradise that is still being kept TOP SECRET! What could this be…?

Bin Pets Paradise looks very cool, and I can’t wait for it to open! Probably Bin Weevils will reduce all Bin Pet nest items on a special offer to celebrate the grand opening of this new area? Plus, Bin Weevils haven’t released any information about where it will be located. I think it will be located somewhere in the horizon at Flum’s Fountain, as rumours that a Tycoon-only place off Flum’s Fountain is still being kept TOP SECRET, in an original What’s New Blog post.

Bin Weevils picture

Where do you think it will be built? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

Part 2 – Weevil Post secrets uncovered…

Recently, I received a reply to one of my many e-mails to Bin Weevils, asking why and when the second floor inside Weevil Post will be opening. Weevil Post was given a fresh new look to celebrate Scribbles’ 200th Issue of Weevil Weekly, however at the time the second level was still closed. Several months have past until a few changes have occured inside Weevil Post recently. All the banners and balloons have been removed, and only some bunting remains on the walls, along with the removal of Scribbles Trivia and Weevil Weekly! Going back to the main subject, Bin Weevils told me that they will be opening the top level very soon, but they are still making sure that it’s perfect! Have you got any suggestions on what can be upstairs? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed finding out some interesting facts about the Bin and I also hope you enjoy the Bin Pet Paradise opening it’s doors NEXT WEEK!

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Brand new features and pages coming soon to this blog!

Hello Bin Weevils!

As you may remember, I joined this weevily blog ran by one of my Bin Weevils friends, XPWINNER. I’ve found that he’s been struggling to get this blog to it’s best standards, and he has been through some hard decisions for this blog. However, I have decided to help him out and update this Bin Weevils fan site and make it the best! We will be adding brand new features/pages, and most importantly we shall be updating all our pages and add new staff members! Please bare with us whilst these major updates are taking place, but we will continue to post all the latest Bin Weevils news as usual during that period of time, so don’t worry!

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*BUMPER POST!* Lost Bin Weevils secrets and more…

Hey Bin Weevils!

Psst! Tum103 here reporting exclusively for XP’S Weevily Cheats Site with some very interesting Bin Weevils information! Continue to read this amazing post to find out more…

Part 1: Flum’s Fountain Lost Secrets…

Let’s kick-start the post with some very interesting and puzzling information that will get you thinking! Flum’s Fountain was opened on 13th May 2011, and replaced Ink’s Orange Peel after Tink and Clott “shrunk” the Old Bin’s most popular location. They didn’t really shrink it, but I think they removed it because the Bin needed a massive update after the launch of the New Bin earlier that year. Ink’s Orange Peel was previously a very popular Bin location, with games and many moderators found there! However, as I say once again, it was removed. I personally think that Flum’s Fountain is better, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion, as I always say!

Here is Ink's Orange Peel before being "shrunked", or in other words, removed as we would say.

Here is Flum's Fountain after the removal of Ink's Orange Peel!

However, I mainly wanted to tell you all guys about this very interesting piece of information! On the What’s New Blog, Bin Weevils announced about the opening of Flum’s Fountain. In part of the post, it says this:

“Talking of Tycoons, there’s also a separate Tycoon-only area with a rainbow just off of Flum’s Fountain that is still being kept top-secret by Rigg, Gam and even Scribbles himself!”

It has been a very long time since then, so could this be the new Bin Pet location? What do you think? Drop down your suggestions below in the comments section!

Part 2: A new Bin coming soon…?

Next, we are moving onto the next part of this post – more information about some recent rumours. As suggested by many bloggers, a new Bin may come next year, as it will become 4 years since the massive revamp! Also, a new Bin Pet hotel/resort will be coming very soon to the wacky world of Bin Weevils, so stay tuned guys for even more updates about that! Once again, comment below with your opinions and suggestions!

Part 3: Why have Bin Weevils not been replying to emails?

I have been emailing Bin Weevils a few months ago with some vital information and feedback, however they haven’t replied ever since! I think that they should send an automated email letting us know that they have received our email(s), like many other companies do as well. Maybe, they are very busy or my emails have been lost?

Thank you for reading, Bin Weevils! Have a weevily week ahead!

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I am in Weevil Weekly Issue #210!

Hi Weevils!

I have some very exiting news to tell you all – I am featured in Weevil Weekly Issue #210! If you may remember, Scribbles held a mini-competition where you had to comment your best moments during the Halloween celebrations, and of course I had to take part! He also announced that the best comments will be featured in the next issue of Weevil Weekly, and I am one of those lucky Bin Weevils, along with fellow bloggers sheepesTo read the latest issue of Weevil Weekly and the spook-tastic comments, then head over to Weevil Post now!

Keep Weeviling!

– Tum103

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